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A Selfless Suicide

A Selfless Suicide

West Bengal, India—A 12-year-old girl in West Bengal committed suicide last week so that her ailing father and brother could use her organs to combat their grave illnesses. 

Mumpy Sarkar, the selfless young girl from Jhorpara village, ended her life to save her inflicted family members. Unfortunately, in a sick twist of events, Mumpy’s suicide note, which expressed the purpose of the suicide and her wishes of organ donation, was never read—Mumpy’s body was cremated following her suicide, evaporating her organs and the chance of saving her ill family members. 

Mumpy Sarkar grew-up poor; she spent her nights listening to her parents discuss how only a kidney transplant could save her brother’s life and eye surgery her father’s vision. 

The cost of the medical procedures far exceeded the family’s income and savings. In response to such tragedy, Murphy envisioned suicide as the only means to save her loved one’s from suffering. 

She followed through with her ultimate plan, but following a traditional cremation, Mumpy’s father found the suicide note on the child’s bed. It was simply too late. 

The young girl requested that her kidneys and eyes be sued for the treatment of her brother and father. 

In response to this unspeakable tragedy, the local state council has pledged to pay for the family’s medical needs.