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Opening New Doors in the Classroom

Opening New Doors in the Classroom

California Governor, Jerry Brown, signed a bill Thursday July 14th, making his state the first in the nation to teach lessons about the gay and lesbian community in public social studies classes. 

Brown, a Democrat, signed the bill requiring public schools to include the contributions of gay, lesbian, transgender and bisexual people in social studies curriculum. 

When defending the bill against a conservative uproar, Brown stated, “History should be honest. This bill revises existing laws that prohibit discrimination in education and ensures that the important contributions of Americans from all backgrounds and all walks of life are included in our history books.

Republican lawmakers and an assortment of churches—who oppose the bill because it subjects to students to teachings that parents find objectionable—labeled the bill as well-intentioned, but horribly conceived. 

Although the two sides—those supporting the bill and those vehemently against it—face ideological differences, supporters of the law applauded the social evolutionary nature that the bill will inevitably institute. 

The bill’s primary author, State Senator Mark Leno, hailed the bill, claiming it as a significant step towards social equality and teaching tolerance. Supporters state that the bill will teach students to be more accepting of others, particularly the gay and lesbian communities.

The law, labeled SB48, will require the California Board of Education and its local school districts, to adopt textbooks and other resources that cover the contribution and roles of sexual minorities as soon as the 2013-2014 school year. 

Police Beats Student for “Doo-Doo”

Police Beats Student for “Doo-Doo”

Tyrie Davis, aged 17, was heading home from his Manhattan high-school when he smelt something foul. In response to the odor, Davis said aloud, “it smells like doo-doo.” A fairly routine comment; however, was not taken so lightly by a New York police officer, who thought the remark was directed towards him.

Following the comment, Davis claims that a number of officers exited a nearby unmarked van to scold the student and place him under arrest. Davis was then brought to the local police station where he was summoned for disorderly conduct.

The peculiarity of this story did not stop with the arrest. Following Davis’s release (at 3 a.m.), arresting officer, Joseph Murphy and fellow cop, Jose Ocasio, accosted Davis when the teen exited the police station. Seemingly incensed by the comments, Murray and Ocasio, according to the criminal report filed by teen’s mother, struck Davis repeatedly “with closed fists and kicks.”

The incident, which took place on February 18th of this year, made headlines this week as both Ocasio and Murphy were charged with third-degree assault, harassment and official misconduct. Currently, the two officers await trial. 


Man Murders Parents; Cover-up Attempt Fails Miserably

Man Murders Parents; Cover-up Attempt Fails Miserably

Kenneth Abbot, a successful businessman, and his wife, Celeste, suddenly disappeared from their Pennsylvania home around the 5th of June. Celeste’s last phone message, which was received on June 7th, was sent to her 40-year old son Colin Abbot, to inform him of their plans to visit in Atlantic City.
The irony in this tragic story was triggered by Colin, who called his relatives to tell them his parents had died—in an attempt to visit him– in a fiery crash on the Garden Start Parkway. 
Shocked and saddened by the news, Colin’s relatives immediately called the New Jersey State Police for information regarding the transportation of remains for the funeral. After searching their records; however, police discovered there was no crash that killed the couple. 
In response to their findings, police engaged in a welfare check at the Abbot’s residence in Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania. When police conducted their search, they found the Abbot’s bodies burnt in the backyard and bone fragments scattered in a nearby pond. 
Because of the fake accident report, police immediately searched Colin’s apartment, where they uncovered a case for a .38 revolver and his mother’s wallet. 
Colin Abbot is currently held under police custody where he has refused to elucidate on the tragedy. Although his parent’s wealth would seem like an obvious motive, police have yet to conclude Colin’s slaying of his parents as a maneuver to inherit their money. 

Shotgun Wedding

Shotgun Wedding

Boyd Wright, aged 80, of Madison, Indiana is a father of 3 children; his parenting techniques can be regarded as a little extreme. 
This brutal and crazy story started when Wright’s daughter brought home her 57-year-old boyfriend, Harry Harris. First impressions can often be telling and for Harris it was unfortunately fatal.
Wright knew from the start he didn’t like Harris; the boyfriend, according to Wright, was arrogant and abrasive. In response to Harris’ stand-offish behavior, Wright, on Tuesday, July 13th decided to murder his daughter’s boyfriend. 
At approximately 6 O’clock on the evening of the 13th, Wright spotted Harris sitting at his dining room table. The site of the boyfriend prompted Harris to retrieve his .20 gauge shotgun from his bedroom. 
With shotgun in hand, Wright walked behind Harris, pulled the trigger and unloaded a slug into the man’s back. Thirty minutes later, Harris died at a Madison hospital. 
When police officers arrived at the gruesome scene, they found Wright bleeding and clutching a king. Officials postulated that Wright had cut himself to possibly establish a self-defense alibi. 
Wright was brought to custody where he confessed to murdering Harris simply because; he didn’t like him too much. Wright remains in Jefferson County Jail where he is charged with 1st-degree murder.

Man Kills, then lives with Corpse

Man Kills, then lives with Corpse

Mesa, Arizona–Erick Grumplet’s girlfriend admitted that she’d had sex with other men in his bed–A statement that would drive any man to the point of an emotional breakdown. Grumplet, upon hearing the crushing blow, morphed into a violent and psychotic monster. 
After the words sunk in, Grumplet kneed his girlfriend in the lower abdomen several times, causing her body to shut-down and ultimately die.  
This vile incident occurred more than two months ago; shockingly, Grumplet had maintained living with his ex-girlfriend post-humorously. 
According to Mesa Police Officialls, Grumplet admitted to kneeing his girlfriend, 39-year-old Malinda Raya, to death on the morning of May 19th, after she had confessed to sleeping with other men in his bed.
Police officials became aware of the murder a disturbing two months after Raya’s death; apparently nobody kept tabs on the deceased woman. The body was found in Grumplet’s apartment in the Shorebird Apartment Homes near U.S. 60 and Country Club Drive in Mesa, Arizona. 
Raya’s corpse was wrapped in sheets on the floor of his bedroom; Grumplet used dozens of carpet deodorizers and air fresheners to mask the odor of a decomposing body. 
Police were only notified of the body because Grumplet, who had been staying at his parent’s house over the weekend, admitted to his father that he had killed his girlfriend and left her body to rot. His father, who discovered the body the next day, notified the Chandler paramedics, who then called the Mesa Police Department.
Following his arrest, Grumplet told police that he had not intended to kill Raya; Grumplet is currently “rotting in jail” where he awaits trial—without bond–for a charge of second-degree murder. 

Katrina Law

law reforms and initiatives have been launched since the 2005 hurricane
devastated much of the Gulf Coast area of the United States, notably
including the city of New Orleans. As such, Katrina law efforts have
been passed into effect in the form of the creation of the Gulf
Opportunity Zone, as well as other tax measures intended to encourage
economic activity in the area. Katrina law measures have thus aimed at
restoring quality of life for areas which, in some cases, have
historically been noted for high degrees of poverty and social
deprivation, even preceding the particularly harmful of Hurricane
Katrina. Supporters of such Katrina law initiatives have raised
concerns, however, in the context of heavy Democratic losses in
Congress, incurred in the November 2010 elections. Democratic
legislators had hoped to pass through extensions for the Katrina law
provisions, but even prior to the party’s reversals of fortune, had been
preventing from doing so by Republican figures.

for the continued enforcement of Katrina law provisions have also been
launched by Housing Authority of New Orleans head David Gilmore, who
announced that tax credit extensions would be necessary for his agency
to carry out planned projects for residential, low-income construction.
In general, the continued maintenance of Katrina law measures is
believed to have been threatened by an anti-spending mood currently seen
throughout the country, and tied to high budget deficits. The continued
need for Katrina law measures has also been tied to the fall in credit
available during the economic recession.

AZ Immigration Law Breakout

AZ immigration law breakout

AZ immigration law breakout of protests, launched specifically against
the new legislation of SB (Senate Bill) 1070, began as soon as it seemed
likely that this law, in its initially proposed form, would be passed
through the legislature and then approved by Governor Jan Brewer. At the
same time, supporters of the bill were equally vociferous in defending
the law, particularly against the criticism that it would create new
opportunities for ethnic profiling on the part of the state’s law
enforcement authorities. The AZ immigration law breakout of protests has
turned on, in part, the law’s inclusion of language allowing police to
use a person’s ethnicity as a factor when making the judgment of whether
or not to stop that person. Despite criticism that this provision
amounted to discrimination against the state’s many Latino residents,
Governor Brewer signed SB 1070 on April 23, 2010, thus allowing the
legislation to go into effect on July 29 of that year.

AZ immigration law breakout of protests has been reported as a
grassroots-level reaction against the legislation that has been matched,
in some cases, in the halls of government power, and from other areas.
Expressing similar concerns to those which prompted the AZ immigration
law breakout, the Justice Department lobbied a legal challenge against
the legislation’s constitutionality. Some religious organizations issued
statements showing agreement with the AZ immigration law breakout of
protests, including from the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops and the
office of Los Angeles Cardinal Roger Mahoney, while others abstained
from comment.

Law School Predictor

school predictor calculators can let would-be lawyers know just how far
their LSAT scores will take them when applying to law schools, or which
score they should aim for when taking the test. Various websites offer
Law School Predictor engines which carry out this task for prospective
applicants, while other functions can also be used to help people in
making this calculation by themselves. The specific way in which a Law
School Predictor accepts and applies data can vary, so users are
typically recommended to use several in conjunction, thereby maximizing
the usefulness of the predictions which it returns.

of the Law School Predictor calculators which can be used by hopeful
law students include the Law School Predictor, HourMD Law School
Probability Calculator, Law School Probability Calculator, and the Law
School Admission Council’s Search for Schools Based on UGPA and LSAT
Score (or LSAC Calculator). Alternately, some would-be law school
entrants have also been known to forgo the actual Law School Predictor
calculators in favor of consulting other people with experience in the
law school application process through the Top-Law-Schools.com online
discussion thread devoted to discussion of the question, “What Are My
Chances?” The HourMD Law School Predictor, in comparison to the others,
only uses statistics on the correlation between LSAT scores and entrance
rates, and does so for the vast majority of law schools certified by
the American Bar Association. Among the Llaw school predictor engines,
the Law School Predictor is relatively new and as such untested.

Hiccup Girl Arrested For Murder

Hiccup Girl Arrested For Murder

Jennifer Mee, a well-known 19 year old girl from Florida has
been charged with first-degree murder. Mee was made popular earlier, in 2007,
because of a unique condition causing her to hiccup up to 50 times per minute. Her
condition lasted nearly five weeks, and dubbed her the ‘hiccup girl’.

Mee was arrested along with Laron Raiford and Lamont Newton,
both males in their early twenties. All three have been charged with first
degree murder of Shannon Griffin, and if they are found guilty, may face the
death penalty.

Griffin was found with multiple gunshots to his upper body.
Police investigation has led to the belief that Griffin was the victim of an
armed robbery.  Allegedly, Mee lured
Griffin to the scene where Raiford and Newton then robbed Griffin at gun point
prior to shooting him.

The three individuals have admitted their involvement. Mee
is currently being held without bond. 

Arizona Donations Help Enforce Law

Arizona Donations Help Enforce Law

Over $3.6 million worth of donations have been donated to Arizona
to help increase laws to crack down on illegal immigration. Donations came from
both in state and out of state donors.


Timothy Mellon, a Wyoming resident from a well-known Pittsburgh
steel family, donated $1.5 million to a legal defense fund. Over 42,000 people
from other states have contributed to Arizona to help enforce the law.


The law, which was passed earlier this year, considers illegal
immigration a state crime and requires police to check immigration status of
those who are suspected to be in the state illegally.


Since the law was passed, a national debate was sparked and
allowed for nearly 25 other states’ representatives to claim that they would
draft similar laws if they were elected. Arizona is currently regarded as a
testing state for battling illegal immigration as well as figuring at what laws
work best.