What is Vons?

Vons is a supermarket chain located in southern California.  The company is a subsidiary of Safeway Inc, and it also markets itself as Pavilion as well.  Some of the stores house a pharmacy, the grocery store sells general groceries along with bakery items, dairy items, frozen foods, seafood items, and liquor.

Have Lawsuits been brought Against Vons Recently?

Yes, several lawsuits have been brought against Vons in recent years.  One of the cases is a class-action lawsuit after secret shoppers were never reimbursed for their services.  Another case includes violations of labor laws for pharmacists at the grocery store.  The grocery store filed a lawsuit itself in 2000 in order to try and recover $10 million from Gene Shirley, who was in charge of diverting operations for the company. 

Charles Rogge, Jr. v. Safeway Incorporated, et al Case No. RG 10505702

The class-action lawsuit affected former secret shoppers between March 23, 2006 and December 31, 2011.  The class-action affected about 1,704 people and the settlement asked for a cash payment of $123,500.  A large percentage of the settlement went to attorneys’ fee and costs, and the settlement was first approved by the Court on March 29, 2012. 

A class-action lawsuit was also filed on behalf of pharmacists at Safeway, Inc. and Vons on February 13, 2008.  Attorneys on the case believed that about 500 pharmacists were denied duty-free meal periods and rest breaks, and the attorneys estimated that the unpaid compensation was between $25 and $35 million.  A settlement was reached, called the Tormey Settlement, which allowed pharmacists to receive between $1,133.33 and $439.56. 

The Vons Companies, Inc. v. Federal Insurance Company

This case was filed by Vons after a diverting operator named Gene Shirley defrauded the company.  He bought and sold diverted goods to Premium Sales Company.




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