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Water Fight between Teens Turns Deadly

Water Fight between Teens Turns DeadlyWater Fight between Children Turns Deadly

New York City—Alvin Diaz, a 14-year-old boy from the Bronx, recently turned himself in for murder after fatally stabbing his friend, 18-year-old Derek Cabejas, in the chest because of a water fight two days prior.

The two youths and Diaz’s brothers were enjoying a mock water-gun fight on Thursday of last week, when reportedly, the larky group of youths grew short-tempered and violent. The transformation to belligerence occurred when Cabejas slapped Alvin Diaz in the face.

Two days after the slap, Alvin Diaz visited Cabejas’ apartment at midnight with murderous intentions. Although information regarding the timeline of the attack is limited, it is known that Diaz murdered Cabejas, in cold blood, during this confrontation.

Cabejas was pronounced dead at the Columbia-Presbyterian Hospital just hours after his run-in with Diaz. According to various media outlets, Diaz asked his friends on Facebook, to come visit in prison before turning himself to police early this week.

Family members were absent from Diaz’s arraignment on Wednesday night, where he was ordered held without bail. The ruling not only stems from Diaz’s felonious actions, but also because the youth had a substantial juvenile arrest record and a pending robbery case against him.

The arrest makes Diaz the youngest murder suspect in the state of New York history. Diaz will be tried as an adult for the murder.