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Laws.com is a legal utility that brings legal innovation through technology. Laws.com is driven by talent, creativity and passion to revolutionize legal technology and deliver innovative marketing, advertising, branding and call to action solutions to lawyers.

Our goal at Laws.com is to innovate legal technology, whether to develop new products to help over a million of our users have unbelievable experience or lawyers achieve their goal to acquire more clients.

The Laws.com develops technologies that facilitate internet marketing for legal professionals by developing cutting edge tools of interactivity and innovation.


Legal Search Engine

Unique Legal Search Engine Platform features an algorithm that delivers the legal information that users seek through visual and text results. Laws.com search engine analyses and targets user behavior and demographics to deliver the most relevant advertising legal professionals at the tips of their fingers, for staggering conversion rates.

In-text Advertising

Superior, behavior targeted in-text advertising solutions allow advanced matching system algorithm to harmonize legal advertisement with corresponding content for premium CTR and ROI.

Legal Marketing & Advertising Platform

The cutting edge advertising, social media and marketing tools allow advertisers to capitalize the opportunities that are matched by behavior and geographically targeted platform with precision. Extensive result reports and legal data analytics tools allow advertisers to monitor results of the Laws.com search engine advertisement, in-text ads and run on site campaigns.

Laws.com does not recommend any specific tests, products, opinions, attorneys, or other information mentioned on our site. Relying on information provided on the site is done solely at your own risk.

We are constantly working on improving the site and welcome any suggestions or feedback!

Please feel free to contact us at support@laws.com.



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