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Anoka County Jail

County jails are an important resource when it comes to county and state safety issues; the purpose of a county jail is to hold the criminals after they have been apprehended for numerous crimes. 
Because county jails tend to be on the smaller side, these are facilities often used for the holding of individuals until a hearing or as inmates of the facility serving a year or less duration of a sentence. These facilities, like the Anoka county jail, are facilities ran by a smaller group of correctional officers and can be both minimum and maximum security facilities
The Anoka county jail of Minnesota is an example of the average type of county jail facility. It is a place of detainment for criminals who are serving a shorter duration of time. In instances where and individual is sentenced to several years in prison, they might be held at the Anoka county jail until the ability to transfer to another facility comes along.
A county jail like the Anoka county jail has to be run under the strict adherence to the guidelines set forth by the American Correctional Association. These guidelines were set forth to provide and maintain a standard of rights and regulations that have to be looked after. 
Within these guidelines, the Anoka county jail must provide certain amenities for the inmates. This includes 3 meals a day, showering facilities, laundry service, and the ability to contact family while in the jail.
There are certain restrictions on the items that can be given to an inmate in the Anoka county jail. These restrictions can be limitations on the type of photographs; inmates are allowed to have photographs, as long as they do not display gang affiliation or nudity. 
If a family member wants to give the individual a book or other publication to read, it has to be purchased through a distributor and mailed directly to the jail; this is to ensure that no weapons, drugs, or various other contraband were slipped in. Overall, the Anoka county jail is the average, accommodating, law enforcement facility. 



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