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Judge Judy

Who is Judge Judy?

Judith Sheindlin is an attorney, judge, and television personality who is known to many of her viewers and fans as ‘Judge Judy’. 
Biography of Judge Judy

Born in October of 1942 in Brooklyn, NY, Judge Judy attended James Madison High School, which is located in her hometown of Brooklyn. After graduating high school, Judge Judy attended American University, which is located in Washington D.C; Judge Judy not only received her undergraduate degree from American University, but also studied law at the American University law school:
Judge Judy applied to the New York Law School, and was subsequently accepted to their legal program; New York Law School, which is known by many as ‘New York Law’, is a private educational facility located in downtown Manhattan in New York – in 1965, Judge Judy graduated from New York Law school and shortly afterwards received Bar certification in order to practice law in the state of New York
Prior to her lauded television program, eponymously titled ‘Judge Judy’, she served under Mayor Ed Koch as a Justice of the Criminal Court of the State of New York
Judge Judy
Judge Judy gained a massive amount of fame resulting from her television program, which televised court cases over which Sheindlin presided; even subsequent to the show’s final episode in 1996, Judge Judy continues to enjoy growing popularity through programming syndication. Judge Judy, with regard to her presence in the court room, is considered to be an honest, straight-forward, and ‘no-nonsense’ legal official.