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LexisNexis Law School service is available for the use of both students
and faculty members. LexisNexis can help people with citing sources for
their legal arguments, preparing for classes which they will be taking
or giving, and other functions involved in law school. The LexisNexis
Law School function offers, among other things, Shepard’s Citation
Service, which can enable people to find such various required pieces of
documentation as relevant cases, pertinent statutes, other sources, and

Law School services also include the LexisNexis Web Courses, which can
be used, to some extent, to supply materials for a legal class. This
LexisNexis Law School function was also offered to allow students and
educators to more readily interact with each other and share information
and updates as to readings and tests. This LexisNexis Law School
“Virtual Classroom” function is enabled through the Blackboard
online function. Additionally, the LexisNexis Law School Faculty User
Community has been made available to users in order to carry out legal
research, and cite the documents which they discover, more effectively.
The LexisNexis Law School program can help people learn more readily as
how they can more readily discover how to secure permission for
republication of legal materials. The LexisNexis Law School can thus
allow people to set up Customs IDs and personalize the services offered
through the law school. People can thus refer to a LexisNexis Law School
Account Representative or a LexisNexis Law School librarian, as may be
necessary for obtaining an Activation Code.