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Hiccup Girl Arrested For Murder

Hiccup Girl Arrested For Murder

Jennifer Mee, a well-known 19 year old girl from Florida has
been charged with first-degree murder. Mee was made popular earlier, in 2007,
because of a unique condition causing her to hiccup up to 50 times per minute. Her
condition lasted nearly five weeks, and dubbed her the ‘hiccup girl’.

Mee was arrested along with Laron Raiford and Lamont Newton,
both males in their early twenties. All three have been charged with first
degree murder of Shannon Griffin, and if they are found guilty, may face the
death penalty.

Griffin was found with multiple gunshots to his upper body.
Police investigation has led to the belief that Griffin was the victim of an
armed robbery.  Allegedly, Mee lured
Griffin to the scene where Raiford and Newton then robbed Griffin at gun point
prior to shooting him.

The three individuals have admitted their involvement. Mee
is currently being held without bond.