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Man Survives Crushing Blow

Man Survives Crushing BlowTennessee–A 21-year-old male from Maury County had his head run over by a two-ton truck and miraculously walked away unharmed. The story of Ryan St. Amour, to put mildly, is one of survival, that neither he nor his friends can believe.

“It started out because I got this new motorcycle and I decided to bring it over my friend’s house to show him,” St. Amour said. “And then I cut the motorcycle off, and it wouldn’t start back up.”When St. Amour’s motorcycle wouldn’t start-up he walked back up his friend’s driveway, but lost his footing on the curb. 

“When I was coming back up the driveway, I rolled my ankle and fell  into the road in front of a car and it ran over me head,” St. Amour said.As St. Amour fell, a Ford F-150 was barrelling down the street. The driver of the truck, unaware of St. Amour’s mishap and unable to react, drove over the young man’s head (with one tire) at roughly 20 miles per hour. 

Luckily, the 21-year-old was hadn’t removed his motorcycle helmet; St. Armor said he felt one of the truck’s tires roll over his helmet and then the truck swerve to avoid further damage. After St. Amour realized he maintained feeling in his extremities, he eased the frightened driver and passenger of the truck by affirming his stability.

St. Armour refused immediate medical attention, but upon collapsing 30 minutes after the accident, was taken to a local hospital where doctors treated the young man for just a concussion.